Meal time is almost a chore and you do not conform to note that the weight of your child is incompatible with his age. The whole family comments on how he's skinny and in school, the difference compared to peers is evident. Vitamins, supplements and recipes (including those old ones) have done their actions. But it's no use: the ideal weight seems an achievement ever further from the child.

The problem is that this situation can harm and child development, both in school and in day-to-day. "Improper weight has everything to do with the power that certainly needs tweaking. But that does not necessarily mean stir in the amount of food offered to children"He says nutritionist and specialist My Life, Daniela Jobst.

At school age, for example, a nutritional deficiency increases. And let rendered tension it can impair the smooth running of the small school and in day-to-day, causing dismay and diseases like anemia. Parents should assess whether the children consume all the nutrients, proteins, vitamins properly and balanced manner, regardless of the child's age.

During childhood, it is common that the weight change is large. Children are constantly changing and the body reflects these changes, but it is not difficult to realize that not all is under control, explains the nutritionist. "To realize that it was time for little gain weight, just compare your weight with the other children of the same age. Another option is to assess on a monthly basis, the growth curve proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), in addition to evaluating the genetic profile of family growth"

To ensure a healthy weight gain, it is essential that the puppy consume the necessary nutrients and is in good health. "When in doubt, bet on the variety. A child who has a colorful diet is probably getting the amount of vitamins, calcium, iron and other nutrients it needs. Fruits, raw or in the form of juice, should be part of the daily menu and always in different ways"Says Daniela Jobst.

Another important item so that the pointer of the small scale starts to change is the intake of meat, mainly in the liver, because of vitamin C. "Meat is very important to ensure the unhealthy weight gain, since it presents a high level of iron and vitamin C, but if the child refuses to eat, a tip is abusing natural juices after a meal, thus the absorption of inorganic iron is easier".

Tips for your child gain weight

- Change the menu every meal

- Does not present all the novelties of food at once

- Vary the selection of carbohydrates, which gives energy to the children in daily activities

-Vary proteins, which are essential for growth and development of small

- Vary the foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of the body

- Wherever possible, enter the oil in the diet of children, it is a natural functional food with high content of monounsaturated fat which raises good cholesterol (HDL).

At lunch:
The snack time is crucial for children who need to gain weight. "The lunch should be rich in nutrients with healthy foods. The ideal is to build a pyramid of food, including healthy ones. But not worth leaving aside the treats, the trick is to combine them to fruit and other options that you include in the meal"Says nutritionist.

To help you put an end to the problem dietician prepared a foolproof recipe, which will give a push to further the achievement of the ideal of small weight. Check it:

Vitamin: Ideal for children who do not eat vegetables and fruits

1 carrot
1 cabbage leaf
½ apple
½ banana
1 slice of papaya
1 tablespoon golden flaxseed meal dessert

Way of doing:
Beat everything in a blender with water or orange juice.